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Live Gas Equipment Testing Facility
In the field, there is no room for error. At GCI, we give you the capability to safely and accurately test your natural gas equipment on a live natural gas pipeline. Our facility is located on a mainline interconnect with all pipeline located above ground and flanged. We can custom configure a test scenario that meets your needs as well as your budget.

The GCI Test Facility Features:

  • Live gas pipelines for testing natural gas equipment
  • Configurable to meet specific customer needs including testing new designs
  • Supports all types of equipment used in natural gas pipelining
  • On-site pipeline operations and custody transfer measurement expertise
  • Tested to specific operations requirements for real world, applied equipment performance data with minimal risk and cost

About the GCI Test Facility:

  • Constructed in 1979 by United Gas Pipeline as a training facility for field technicians
  • Located between a 30-inch mainline operating at 725 psi and 18-inch feed line operating at 525 psi
  • Facility features both a 8-inch above ground ANSI 300 header and 4-inch above ground header located under a shed with an overhead crane
  • The 4-inch and 8-inch manifolds are segregated into separate lines so each section can be isolated
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