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  About Us

Gas Certification Institute (GCI) is a hands-on training facility that lets you certify your people, equipment and processes, so you can meet the unique requirements of natural gas pipeline operations.

GCI is located on approximately one acre of land in southwest Houston, Texas. The facility was constructed to serve as a “hands on training” facility for pipeline personnel. The facility includes a 2,000-square-foot classroom and office with a capacity for hands-on training for 20 attendees. The facility includes audio/visual equipment, gas industry equipment and devices, training aids, training material. Most importantly, the facility provides the ability to move from classroom theory to real application in live natural gas flow conditions.

Certifying People
GCI offers a Gas Measurement Certification, which means that once you are certified, you’ll be armed with all of the tools you’ll need to do your job.  Click here for more information on our certification program and courses.

Certifying Equipment
Our live gas pipeline lets you test your equipment in a real-world environment with strict controls, so you know when you’re getting true performance measurement.  Click here for more information on our equipment testing.


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